Fabric and Kilt Style Differences

5 Yards and 8 Yards

There are a few differences between 5 Yard and 8 Yard kilts, the main one being the amount of fabric used to make each kilt. 

As the 5 Yard Kilts is made with less fabric this means the pleats are wider and the overall weight of the garment is lighter even when made from the same material as there is less material to be used in the kilt. 

There is also only one buckle on both sides of a 5 Yard Kilt as opposed to an 8 Yard Kilt which has two buckles on one side and one on the other which allows slightly less adjustment than an 8 yard kilt.

Lightweight, Mediumweight, Heavyweight Fabric

The weight of the wool fabric used to make a kilt varies from lightweight 10 oz fabric to 16 oz heavyweight fabric, some kilts are even made in regimental 18 oz fabric but this is usually only for military or pipe band kilts. 

Lightweight kilts are preferred by those in warmer climates as it allows you to still wear the traditional outfit but not have to worry about the heat of a kilt. 

A lightweight kilt is made in the same way as a mediumweight or heavyweight kilt and will have the same look but will have a different swing to the pleats at the back of the kilt due to the lightness of the fabric. 

The only other difference between lightweight and the other tartan fabric weights is that it can have a smaller sett of the pattern.

The mediumweight fabric provides an in-between for those who want the look and swing of a heavyweight kilt but do not want to have to carry around that weight as this is the main difference between the two. 

The mediumweight fabric is usually 13oz fabric and although there does not seem like a large difference between this and the 16 oz heavyweight fabric, when wearing the lighter kilt you can feel the difference in this weight. Both of these fabrics have the same drape and swing when worn.