Glengarry & Balmoral Hats

Glengarry hats and Balmoral bonnets have been a traditional staple in Scottish highland dress, with Balmoral hats dating back as far as the 16th century.

Our wide selection of Glengarry caps are commonly made of thick wool. Whilst our Glengarry bonnets are available in a variety of tartans and colours, each Glengarry hat is decorated with a toorie on the top, along with a rosette to the side and ribbons attached to the rear.

The Balmoral cap is rounder in shape compared the Glengarry hat. Originally, the Balmoral hat was believed to have been a knitted, felt, wool cap. Today, however, the Balmoral bonnet is smaller and made of a finer cloth. The Balmoral bonnet now has ribbons attached to the back of it and is topped off with a toorie, which is traditionally red.