Glencairn Whisky Glasses

Glencairn glass was created in Scotland and developed by master blenders from five of the largest whisky companies. The Glencairn whisky glass is specifically shaped with a wide bowl, allowing you to fully appreciate the colour and aroma of the whisky whilst simultaneously being easy on the hand.

We offer a wide selection of Glencairn glass. From Glencairn scotch glasses and Glencairn bourbon glasses to Glencairn flight trays and Glencairn tasting glasses, we provide a broad variety of Glencairn crystal.

Gifting a Glencairn whisky glass enables you to pass on a piece of Scottish heritage. For those that prefer not to drink, we also offer a selection of quaich, horn mugs, and tableware to share the joy of Scottish feasting and dining.

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