Whisky Month


Whisky month is celebrated globally in the month of May and we at the Scotland kilt company feel that us Scots do whisky the best (though we might be a bit biassed!) What better time of year is there then to celebrate the delicious taste of Scotch whisky.

Scottish whisky, or Scotch, is widely regarded as one of the world's finest spirits due to its unique taste, history, and cultural significance. The quality of Scotch whisky can be attributed to several factors. First, the water used to make Scotch comes from natural sources, such as springs and wells, that have been filtered through layers of granite and peat. This water is prized for its purity and mineral content, which contributes to the complex flavours of the finished product.


Additionally, the malted barley used in Scotch production is typically dried over peat fires, which imparts a smoky flavour to the whisky. This process is unique to Scottish whisky production and is one of the defining characteristics of the spirit.


Also, Scotch is aged for a minimum of three years in oak barrels, which contributes to its smooth, rich flavour and amber colour. The longer a Scotch is aged, the more complex and nuanced its flavour becomes. The casks used to store scotch whisky are not allowed to be used for the first time for the whisky but instead has to be a reused cask typically of either sherry or bourbon. The difference in the spirit which was once stored in the casks gives the whisky a different flavour as it spends a large amount of time in the cask and adopts some of the previous inhabitants flavours.


There are many accessories which can help enhance a whisky tasting experience, one of the main  ones being the Glencairn whisky glass. These Glasses are designed to be a specific shape so the smell of the whisky is held in the glass as getting a good smell of the whisky is all part of the experience. Some say you should take three smells of a glass of whisky before tasting, the first will smell like poison, the second will improve and by the third it will smell like perfection.


For whisky on the go there are a few options of how to carry it, the first and most obvious of this is the classic hip flask, or add a modern twist to it with a Harris Tweed hip flask even in a miniature key ring for a nip on the go. An alternative is if you want whisky while out and about and wish to share it with your friends then you may be interested in a hunting flask with 4 cups. 


These can make a perfect gift for someone or even as a little treat for yourself to enjoy your great Scotch Whisky. You could even complete the evenings drinking with the unique horn mugs and tankards. You can find some of our favourites below;

Glencairn Glasses

Glencairn Whisky Glass - Plain

 Harris Tweed Hipflasks

6oz Harris Tweed Hip Flask - 7 Colours

 Harris Tweed Hunting Flask

8oz Harris Tweed Hunting Flask and 4 Cups - 6 Colours

Horn Mugs and Tankards

Soldiers Mug - Polished- Large