From weddings to Eisteddfodau the welsh festival of poets and musicians, Welsh patriots are wearing the Celtic cilt with pride.

The Welsh National tartan was designed by D.M. Richards in 1967 to demonstrate Wales' connection with the greater Celtic world. Its colours (green, red, and white) are the colours of the Welsh national flag. The St David's Tartan or brithwe Dewi Sant is one of the most popular tartans in Wales. Welsh fans of celtic dress can also choose from the following individual family tartans: Davies, Edward's, Ellis, Evans, Eynon, Griffiths, Gwyn, Harry, Hopkins, Howell, Hughes, James, Jones, Jenkins, Lewis, Llewellyn, lliyd, Madoc, Meredith, Morgan, Morris, Owen, Phillips, Pope, Protheroe, Rees, Rice, Richard, Roberts, Rosser, Thomas, Vaughan, Watkins and Williams.

welsh tartans

In command with Scottish and Irish kilts the Welsh cilt is based on the large piece of cloth worn by rural folk in medieval times and later. The material was secured round the waist with a thick belt and secured over the shoulders with a penannular brooch common to all Celtic peoples.

Although not considered a traditional component of Welsh national dress, the kilt or cilt as it is know in Welsh has become recently popular in the Celtic nations as a sign of Celtic identity. Other celtic nations that have embraced the kilt are Cornwall, the Isle of Man, the Tras-os-Montes region in the North of Portugal, and Galicia in Spain.

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