Although Scotland's tartan army won't be able to cheer on Scotland you maybe surprised to know how many of the countries palying have their own tartan.

The South African tartan, part of the 'tartans for Africa' series, was created to strengthen the bonds of friendship between Scotland and Africa and incorporates the colours in the both countries flags.

South Africa tartan

The Japanese tartan draws inspiration from the country's fascination with cherry blossom and includes pink, white, green and brown colours. The design is called Sakura, the Japanese for cherry blossom.

Japanese tartan

japanese tartan

There are currently around 100,000 Argentineans of Scottish descent in Argentina. The Argentina District tartan is based on the Robertson tartan in honour of two Scotsmen, John and William Robertson, who started the first settlement of Scottish immigrants in Argentina in 1825.

Argentian District tartan

argentinian tartan

While Algeria doesn't have it's own tartan, the Algerian footballer and Rangers defender Madjid Bougherra believes that the whole of Scotland will be cheering him and his Algeria teammates on when they play England."Everywhere I go in Glasgow people stop me and tell me to beat England," he said.

In the United States there are around 6 million people of Scottish descent. The American National Tartan takes its inspiration from the American flag. There are also US State and District tartans such as those for Georgia, New York and Idaho.

American National tartan

American National tartan

A popular choice of tartan for South Americans is the 'Cochrane' tartan which honours the South American naval hero

Cochrane Tartan

south amerian tartan

Spaniards with Celtic roots can choose the "Galicia" tartan. There is also a Espana Spanish Modern tartan.

Galica tartan

Galica tartan

The Duke of Wellington began his Peninsular campaign from Portugal so the "Wellington" tartan is a good choice.

Wellington tartan

wellington tartan

The 'Canadian Centennial Tartan', below serves as a national tartan for all Canadians.

canadian tartan

French players and supporters could opt for the Jacobite tartan. The French supported the Stuart cause for decades. French regulars fought to the last at Culloden Moor after the clans had broken and the 'Culloden' tartan would honour those brave soldiers.

Culloden tartan

culloden tartan

For the Germans - Prince Albert, lover of the Highlands and himself a tartan designer, was a German. The "Coburg" tartan was designed to commemorate the Prince Consort.

Coburg tartan

coburg tartan

The 'Dutch' tartan simultaneously represents the House of Orange and the MacKay family who have been prominent citizens of both Scotland and the Netherlands for many generations.

Dutch tartan

dutch tartan

The New Zealand tartan is made up of black grey and white. The black represents the highest achievement of New Zealanders in sport, grey, the multi cultural society and white, the snow-capped Southern Alps.

New Zealand tartan

new zealand tartan

Three million Australians are either Scottish or of Scottish descent and there are a number of Australian tartans to choose from - The Australian National tartan

australian tartan

The historical association between Denmark and Scotland extends over 900 years to the age of the Vikings. Their influence can be traced the numerous Norse place names in Scotland and in the original language of Scotland - Gaelic. The colours of the tartan combine the colours in the flags of Denmark and Scotland.

The Danish tartan

danish tartan

A third-generation Scottish/Italian, has had his design for an Italian tartan approved by the Scottish Tartans Authority. The design features the green, white and red of the Italian flag against the backdrop of the azzuro blue worn by the country's football team.

Italian tartan

itialian tartan