The Top 5 Most Popular Scottish Dog Breeds

Scotland is worldwide famous for its distinguished collection of dog breeds. With some of them dating back thousands of years, Scottish dogs have long been the Scotsman’s best friends, and are still popular household names today. If you’re a passionate patriot or just a fan of the Scottish culture, we guarantee a Scottish breed of dog to be the best in the business and worth considering if you’re looking for a new pup. Here are the top 5 most popular Scottish dog breeds.

The Rough Collie

You may know this dog as ‘Lassie’ from the blockbuster movie, which drove the breed into massive popularity in the 50s. Just as portrayed in the film, Rough Collies are characterised for being life-long companions, being fiercely loyal protective pups. Originating from Scotland, this breed is one of the most breathtaking breeds of all time, with long flowing hair and distinguished faces.
These dogs are classic Collie’s in nature, and originally were used to heard cattle and run around on farms. In saying that, you’ll need to provide lots of space and activity if considering adopting your own Lassie, and be prepared to do a lot of brushing!

Golden Retriever

One of the world’s most famous dogs ever, lots of people weren’t aware the Golden Retriever originated in Scotland.

First bred in the 19th century and used to hunt, people quickly became obsessed with the breed’s adorable and loving nature, and they soon became a part of many families’ households. These dogs are praised for their intelligence, and are easily trained and confident.

When considering adopting a golden, it’s important to remember as adorable and tiny as they may seem as puppies, they grow a lot larger than people think, and need quite a lot of space and exercise.

Border Terrier

You can tell just by looking at these wee scruffs that they’re Scottish through and through, and are especially adored within the country. Bred in the borders of Scotland to help with hunting foxes, the Border terrier is often compared to an otter with their little heads and short coats.
These dogs may be little, but they certainly have big personalities! As they were bred to be working and hunting dogs, they need a lot of activity both physical and mental. Be prepared for a few tantrums as they can be stubborn, but overall these dogs are known to be charming and cuddly.

Skye Terrier

Made famous by Greyfriars Bobby, this dog may be one of the most iconic breeds of Scotland. Although loved worldwide, everyone thinks of Scotland when they see these distinguished dogs.

Extremely unique in their haircut, the Skye terrier has a long and straight coat, with a long fringe framing their face. Be prepared to be a frequent visitor to the groomer’s if you decide to adopt the Skye Terrier!

As the name suggests, these dogs were bred in the Isle of Skye and with most terrier breeds, was originally used for hunting. This makes them fast and feisty pets that need a lot of walking and activity, but also as charming wee pals with a loyal personality. It is said that Queen Victoria had a full pack of them as pets, and Mary Queen of Scots had one under her skirt when she was beheaded.

Although one of the most significant dogs in Scottish History, they’re one of the rarest dogs in the UK and are considered endangered. Thought to have fallen out of popularity with breeders in the past few years, they are rarer and harder to find, but if you’re willing to scout them out they’re worth it!

West Highland Terrier

Lovingly known in Scotland as Westies, the West Highland Terrier is also an iconic dog of Scotland is recognised for it.
Legend has it that the classic White Westie was bread in the 17th century, so that Colonel Malcolm of Poltalloch didn’t confuse his dogs with foxes when hunting.
Westies are known for having ‘wee man syndrome’ meaning they definitely don’t act their size. Packed full with a hilarious personality, these dugs will definitely keep you entertained. Known for being full of love and intelligence, they need a lot of exercise and attention, but are certainly worth it.