National Tartan Day. 6th April 2014 The Kilt; From Rag To Riches To really appreciate Scotland's national dress we must consider its humble beginnings; plain colourless everyday wear in the Highlands of Northern Scotland, right through to its place in our modern society. From patternless wraps, outlawed by the English for fear of sparking revolution amongst the common people, it's ironic really that the kilt itself spawned revolution in the fashion world. Today you'll see the kilt legging it down just about every catwalk in the world. In 2002 an entire event was created in honour of the piece, which has evolved into one of the worlds most watched fashion events. Pulling in millions of dollars of interest, with top names in TV, film, fashion and media with even the most dilute relation to Scotland throwing themselves at the chance to sashay down the runway. Tartan; the kilts most iconic counterpart, has a global reach. So big has the pattern grown, an entire week is dedicated to it in the month of April. FromScotlandWithLove bred the fashion behemoth: Dress to Kilt; considered to be the 3rd biggest fashion event, aims to raise funds for select charities whilst simultaneously raising the profile of Scotland and its many famous exports. Naturally, whiskey makes an appearance. No sign of Irn Bru or anything deep fried as yet. As in fashion, tartan is also a form of identity. Clans and families throughout history bore their own personal brand of tartan which set them apart from the next. From woven wools right through to more modern approaches of leather and studs, kilts and tartans have evolved (or mutated, depending on where you stand) with the ages. Whichever you prefer, there is definitely a kilt and a tartan for you. Whether you know your family pattern or you're interested in a more contemporary material, The Scotland Kilt Company come well equipped to meet your needs.