Andy Murray might be interested to know that there are a number of Chinese tartans, should he want a change from the ‘Murray’ or ‘Wimbledon’ tartan. Murray recently signed up to the Chinese version of Twitter. This followed confusion over his victory speech when he struggled with his pronunciation. Murray bet David Ferrer and in doing so became the world’s number three – his highest ranking to date. Go Andy! We’ve getting excited about the New Zealand V France Rugby World Cup final this Sunday at Eden Park. Will France be able to match the intensity of the mighty All Blacks – particularly as the New Zealand are playing at home and the support from their fans will be immense! For both sides a rugby shirt will be de rigour, and if the should wish to add some tartan into the mix that would be all to the good! France has a strong and long –standing relationship with Scotland. French players and supporters could opt for the Jacobite tartan. The French supported the Stuart cause for decades. French regulars fought to the last at Culloden Moor after the clans had broken and the 'Culloden' tartan would honour those brave soldiers. These are also 12 Bretton tartans to choose from. The New Zealand tartan is made up of black grey and white. The black represents the highest achievement of New Zealanders in sport, grey, the multi cultural society and white, the snow-capped Southern Alps. At home and away, whether your bag is tennis, rugby or football grab a piece of the action, support Scotland's proud sporting tradition with a casual kilt and t-shirt. Whether your taking part or a spectator a kilt is an essential part of any Highland Games – with some impressive sporrans, stunning tartan dresses and spectacular sporrans on display. Scottish football wouldn’t be the same without the Tartan Army in all their glory adding a colourful presence both at home and abroad. Edinburg Marathon runners too are fans of wearing kilts whether a casual kilt or one of the new lighter utility kilts. At the Australian kilt run a free kilt and Tam O’ Shanter for their efforts. Casual kilts look fantastic at sporting occasions, worn with a Jacobite shirt, rugby or football top, day sporran and trainers or walking boots which transforms the kilt ainto a rugged outdoor look and a display of Scottish sporting pride.