Kilt Walk Walking for Scotland's Children Glasgow - Sunday 27 April 2014 Edinburgh - Sunday 11 May 2014 Aberdeen - Sunday 1 June 2014 Dunfermline - Saturday 7 June St Andrews - Sunday 8 June Speyside - Sunday 14 September 2014 Dundee - Sunday 5 October 2014 This April, thousands of tartan clad adults and young people shall be taking to the pavement to raise money and awareness for dozens of children's charities across Scotland. Kilt Walk aims to raise funds to help combat some of the difficulties faced by young people in Scotland today. Originally started in Glasgow, the event now takes place in 7 of the countries largest cities and hopes to generate thousands of pounds which goes to helping the young people who need it the most. It is hoped every man and his tartan wearing dog will take part. Though it is not mandatory to dress in a kilt it is hoped that many do. The kilt was once a symbol of unity amongst the Scots and it is hoped that the national dress will once again unite young people today in an effort to improve the life of thousands more. Adorn your family tartan and get donating now. 'Pit-stops' will be in place through-out each walk offering entertainment, rest and refreshments. Register with The Kilt Walk at their website ( and don't forget to buy your kilt today to really show support. The Scotland Kilt Company offer a massive range of tartan kilts which will really make a good impression!