The island of Quissant situated 20 miles off the coast of Brittany has created it's own tartan, registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans.

The tartan design includes black and white stripes, in reference to the Bretton flag, blue and green colours in reference to ancient celtic druids, as well as red and yellow taken from the Island's crest.

locals wearing the tartan

"A few of us wear kilt on Ouessant to cock a snook at outsiders as a joke. So, after a trip to Scotland, we thought 'Why not design a tartan in our islnd's colours?" Serge Cariou the tartan's designer.

The tartan will be know as 'Eusa' taken from the Breton name of Ouessant 'Enez Eusa'. The tartan becomes the 12th Breton tartan registered. The other breton tartans are: Brittany National, Brittany Walkin and nine county tartans Kerne, Leon, Tregor, Gwened, Dol, St. Malo, Rennes, Nantes, St. Brieuc.

"this tartan is not a gimmick, it's an act of cultural identity to assert that we have roots" said Jean -Yves Cozan a regional councillor of Ouessant.