Our favourite tartans for Autumn!

With it's warm yet slightly muted sense of atmosphere (despite how cold the weather is in Scotland!) it can be tricky to find the perfect tartan for the Autumn months. It is easy to find a warmer looking tartan for summer, a colder tartan for Winter and even a bright tartan for the arrival of Spring - but Autumn has always been a little bit more tricky. Never fear however as we are here to help. Here is our guide on the best tartans to wear during the Autumn season!

The first tartan on our list is the Fraser Red Muted Tartan. Although nowhere near as iconic as other red tartans such as the popular Royal Stewart Tartan or the infamous Macdonald Modern tartan the Fraser Red Muted tartan fits perfectly for an autumn outfit. As the name of the tartan suggest, the muted red colour fits the season of Autumn perfectly as it is not too over the top and is rather subtle in it's appearance. The Fraser tartan comes from Fraser family who's motto is "All my hope is in God". This tartan is available as a selection via our 100oz, 5 yard, 100% Wool, Traditionally Hand Made Kilt also as part of a package deal with our Economy Prince Charlie Outfit with a 16oz 5 yard Handmade Wool Kilt.

- The Fraser Red Muted tartan perfectly symbolises the essence and atmosphere of Autumn.

Next we have the Maple Leaf tartan which just by the name alone you can tell is perfect for the Autumn months. Similar to the Fraser Red Muted tartan this features more subtle red colours similar to the colours of the leaves from trees. This explains the name of the tartan as the red colour is very similar to the red maple leaf that is found right in the centre of the Canadian flag. The pattern of this tartan incorporates the green of the leaves' summer foliage, the gold which appears in early autumn, the red which appears with the coming of the first frost, and the brown tones of the fallen leaves. It can be found as one of the tartans on our 16oz, 5 yard traditional hand made Kilt and also as our Boys lightweight Made to Measure kilts.

- The Maple Leaf Tartan is an iconic look based on the Canadian flag.

Next up is the Innes Red Modern Tartan. This tartan is probably the brightest of all the tartans on this list and really shines with a nice red, white and yellow combination of colours. Despite this the tartan still fits the Autumn spirit perfectly. The Innes Tartan comes from the Innes family who resided in the house of Innes in the North of Scotland. The name Innes comes from the land of Innes in Moray. This tartan can be found as a selection on our Deluxe Prince Charlie, 8 Yard Mediumweight kilt package and also as a tartan for our Ladies Made to Measure Billie Kilt.

- The Innes Red Modern Tartan really stands out with an iconic combination of red, white and yellow colours.

Another great tartan for Autumn is the Boyd Ancient tartan. The Boyd tartan comes from the Boyd family who were given the famous Dean Castle where they lived for around 400 years starting in the 1300's. Sir Robert Boyd was one of the main commanders during the Battle of Bannockburn and was one of Robert the Bruce's main supporters. The name Boyd comes from the Gaelic word "Buidhe" which means fair or yellow. This explains the distinct yellow and orange colouring of the tartan. As well as being a tartan with an incredible history, the Boyd tartans unique colours make it an Autumn treat! This tartan can be found as a selection on our 8 Yard Lochcarron, Traditionally Hand Stitched, Strome Kilt and also as part of our Luxury Fly Plaid Prince Charlie Jacket Outfit.

- The Boyd Ancient Tartan has a great history and reflects the unique feeling that only Autumn can provide.

The final tartan we are looking at is the Hebridean Heather tartan. This is the only tartan we have on our list that does not feature the colour red as it's main primary colour. Instead it goes for a cooler grey look that features bright red stripes over the top. Some may argue that this tartan fits the winter season more than the Autumn season but we feel that this tartan perfectly symbolises the transition from the end of Autumn to Winter period. This tartan is incredibly popular these days and can be found as a standalone 8 Yard, Traditionally hand stitched kilt.

- The Hebridean Heather tartan perfectly symbolises the transition from Autumn to Winter.

Hopefully this list has helped give you a great selection of tartans that are perfect for Autumn wear. Please remember however that this list is just our personal opinion and that really there is no correct kilt to be worn at any time of the year. A good kilt should be enjoyed no matter what the date or circumstances!