Our favourite Kilt Outfit Accessories

Whilst completely optional, some great accessories can really bring a Kilt Outfit to life and turn a standard 7/10 outfit into a daring and exiting 10/10 package! Here is out list of our favourite Kilt Outfit accessories to really take your Highland Dress to the next level!

First on our list is the Belt Buckle. Whilst the Sporran may be the most eye-catching component on this area of the kilt you should definitely not underestimate the power of a good belt buckle. From designs ranging from thistles, Scottish lions and even Irish Shamrocks - a good belt buckle can really tie an outfit together!

- A good belt buckle can really help tie a good kilt outfit together.

Next on our list is the Kilt Pin! The kilt pin is a very small item usually located on the bottom right side of the kilt near the wearers knee. Kilt pins can be made of pewter, steel and even sometimes silver and can feature unique and interesting designs usually based on various different styles of traditional Scottish swords. Although they are very easy to miss sometimes, once you notice them a Kilt Pin can add a certain extra element to an outfit.

- It may be small and easy to miss but a Kilt Pin can really add a little extra something to an outfit!

Next up we have the Sporran which many people are unaware that it is classed as a kilt accessory. You can wear a kilt without a sporran but it can make the outfit look somewhat empty and strange to some. Sporrans come in many different types from leather sporrans, Semi-Dress Sporrans which are perfect for less formal affairs such as more casual parties and get-together's, and of course Full-Dress Sporrans which are the most formal type of sporran and great for weddings and more formal get-togethers. Although we believe all of the options on this list to be optional, if you can only manage to get one accessories then we recommend that it is the Sporran!

- If you can only manage to get one accessory then we recommend that you get yourself a sporran!

Finally on our list of our favourite accessories we have the Sgian-Dubh. The Sgian-Dubh was originally used for eating and preparing food - for example meat, bread and cheese, as well as being used as a weapon and for protection during more dangerous times. Now it is tucked into the top of the kilt hose with only the top of the hilt slightly visible. The sgian-dubh is normally worn on the same side as the dominant hand of the wearer. These days the sgian-dubh is used purely for visual purposes and it is even possible to purchase blunt safety sgian-dubhs for those who are conscious of safety. What makes the sgian-dubh such a great accessory is that it pays tribute to history and culture of Highland Dress whilst also contributing to the look overall.

- The Sgian-Dubh pays tribute to the history and culture of Highland Dress whilst also contributing to the overall look.