Named as ‘Scotland's answer to Game of Thrones’, the TV series Outlander has received positive reviews throughout the US and worldwide. Filmed in our beloved Scotland, we’re proud to say they’ve rekindled an interest in our beautifully woven Scottish tartan kilts. Adapted from American author Diana Gabaldon’s series of international best-selling novels, Outlander follows the story of 20th-century nurse Claire Randell, who finds herself in unfamiliar 18th Century Scotland. Complete with an array of tartan kilts and Scottish warriors, we can’t wait for it to be aired on UK television screens!

Where Can I Find A Kilt That Resembles Those On Outlanders?

If you want a tartan kilt looking as authentic as possible, like those worn by the characters in TV series Outlanders, then you can’t get any more authentic than our quality, hand-woven, honest Scottish kilts! We have a variety of weathered, muted and ancient tartan kilts that will make you look like your Scottish warrior or maiden! Alternatively, why not try our modern kilts? Traditionally, kilts are worn at special occasions, such as at a joyous Highland wedding or more sombre funeral. These kilts usually feature more ornamentation in the tartan patterning and have additional kilt accessories such as belts and buckles. However, we do also stock and craft more informal kilts for wear during the day. These kilts are more rugged and plain, so are perfect for matching up with a block coloured top and flats to roam the castles of Scotland in! Why not look at our ladies khaki Utility Kilt, perfect with a white shirt and heels for the office, or our Ladies Made To Measure All Round Pleated Skirt! For men, how about the Instock Prince Charlie Jacket Kilt Outfit? Scriptwriter [Ronald D] ‘Moore said the [Outlander] books created a rich and textured world, filled with intriguing characters’, so for a rich, textured and traditional Scottish kilt, choose The Scotland Kilt Company today.

Contact The Scotland Kilt Company For a Tailor Made Beautiful Traditional Kilt

To bring a bit of Scotland heritage to you, browse through our range of traditional kilts, jacket and other accessories today. Perfect for all the family! We have over 100 different tartan variations so you’re sure to find the right clan tartan for you! To learn more about our collection of tartans, please send us an email at, give us a call on 0131 553 3472 or send us a message via our online contact page.