Over the past few weeks we have been making the transition from one server to a much bigger, faster server. What this means for our customers is faster browsing and a much larger selection of fine Scottish products. We have dozens of new products available at The Scotland Kilt Company...

Sgian Dubh with coloured stone

What's new? We're happy to offer a range of thistle design sgian dubhs with coloured stone detailing. These sgian dubhs come in red, black, blue, green, orange and purple. As well as these stunning coloured stones, the sgian dubhs are available in three stylish finishes; chrome, black chrome and antique. You're really certain to make a good impression with one of these contemporary sgian dubhs finishing off your traditional Scottish outfit.

Ivory Kids Flashes

We've added to our range of children's flashes. Colours include: sage green, french blue, gold fuschia and ivory!

Baby Kilt Packages

We have also added to our children's kilt outfits. Single kilts as well as boxed outfits are available in our existing Royal Stewart and Black Watch however are now also available in Scottish National, Spirit of Scotland and Grey Granite (different from Hamilton Grey).

Serpent Belt Buckle

In addition to the thistle inspired sgian dubhs with multiple coloured stones, we are pleased to offer our customers our fantastic new serpent inspired sgian dubhs and belt buckles. These tasteful and perfectly finished belt buckles also come in an array of colourful finishes including green, blue, black, red and purple. Anyone boasting one of these immaculate belt buckles is sure to leave a good impression at a formal event.

Serpent Plaid Brooches

Continuing the serpent theme we have serpent inspired plaid brooches. Available in antique, black chrome and chrome you're sure to find the perfect accessory to your formal plaid.

As more and more new products arrive we are planning on highlighting our favourites through our blog. Be sure to subscribe and keep checking back for well finished, fantastic quality accessories, outfits and more. Visit our online store or if you're local, drop into the office! The Scotland Kilt Company