My Big Fat Scottish Wedding: time to start planning Ok, so engagement season is officially over – Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s Day have all been and gone; and spring wedding season is now in full swing. Were you one of the lucky ones whose other half popped the question this year? But that’s just one half of the story. And in truth, the fun part is probably over for a few months… The dreaded questions which all future brides and grooms loathe to hear will soon start flowing: ‘how’s all the planning going?’, ‘are you all sorted?’, ‘oooh, you’re cutting that a bit fine aren’t you?’ And on top of this, you have a monster-in-law to contend with, bickering bridesmaids and an out-of-control best man – or if you’re really unlucky, maybe all three! Although undoubtedly one of the happiest and memorable days of your life, for most of us, wedding planning was a stressful headache; unless you were one of those who could afford a Jennifer Lopez-style wedding planner from the movies. But on the upside, help is at hand. Sites such as and are especially designed to aide the organising process, whilst lets you go the whole hog, allowing you to create your own free personal wedding website where your guests can interact. Venue, invitations, flowers, cake – no one said this was going to be done over a few emails in your lunch break. And of course, who could forget the outfits. According to Brides magazine, the average cost of a wedding dress in 2014 was £1,340, whilst the groom’s outfit came in at just under one quarter of the price at £313 - £24 less than the mother of the bride’s outfit! Who said weddings were all about the ladies hey? But whether it’s here in bonnie Scotland or somewhere more exotic (in which case you might want to consider a lightweight kilt), book your personal appointment at SKC HQ here in Edinburgh to get some expert advice and the wedding party fitted for our bespoke, made-to-measure kilts and tailored jackets. Grooms, fathers of the grooms, fathers of the brides, best men and page boys – come along and let’s tick one more thing off the list. We’re also here for the wedding party of a different kind – the stag do! If you plan on donning kilts for the bachelor’s big send off, check out our drinking kilts which are perfect for the party occasion and won’t break the bank. Call us 0131 553 3472 or follow the link to Arrange a Fitting and chat to our friendly team for some advice.