Kilt Outfit Walkthrough - Part 2


This is the second part of the kilt walkthrough which will take you through all aspects of ordering a kilt and what to know so as you're not overwhelmed by the options. This second part takes you through the shirts and ties for a kilt outfit.


There are three main kinds of shirts that are worn as part of a kilt outfit and each style of shirt changes depending on the style of outfit you would choose.


The first type of shirt is a Ghillie shirt which is worn as part of a casual kilt outfit and comes with no buttons but instead has eyelets going up the top quarter of the shirt to the collar and has ghillie laces loosely tied to the top part of the shirt. These shirts come in multiple colours which compliments the kilt being worn and tend to be in a baggier style, not fitted to the body and can sometimes be worn along with a Jacobean Waistcoat. 


The second kind of shirt that is worn with a kilt outfit is the Wing Collar shirt which is traditionally with a bow tie as part of a Prince Charlie kilt outfit. These shirts are commonly worn as tuxedo shirts with a bowtie hence their inclusion with a Prince Charlie kilt outfit as this outfit is seen as the most formal kilt outfit.  Victorian Shirts also look a lot like Wing Collar shirts but have larger wingtips on them as these are traditionally worn with ruche ties and are again usually part of the formal Prince Charlie Outfit.


The final kind of shirt usually found in a kilt outfit is a regular dress shirt which is usually worn with a regular necktie but can also be worn with either a ruche tie or bowtie. This style of shirt can be worn with either the Argyle Jacket or the Prince Charlie Jacket so is by far the most versatile shirt style as it does not look out of place with any variation of tie or with any jacket combination.


When selecting a tie to go along with a Kilt outfit there are two main options available, these being matching your necktie or bowtie to the tartan of the kilt or choosing a solid colour tie to match and highlight a particular colour within a kilt. Most people if selecting a bowtie to go with a prince charlie kilt outfit will select a black bowtie to go along with this as it is the most formal look for this outfit.