Kilt Packages for the 2022 Wedding Season

Kilt Packages for the 2022 Wedding Season.

Let us do the work for you with our customisable kilt outfit packages. We know you’re often too busy to look into the massive amounts of detail it takes to put together a kilt outfit, so we offer several packages that allow you to customise your style of outfits and tartan quickly. Here are our favourite kilt packages for the 2022 wedding season.


If you need a stylish outfit for wearing to a formal occasion throughout the day, then our charcoal tweed crail jacket kilt outfit is the perfect choice. 

This semi formal jacket is made from 100% pure new wool tweed cloth, its styling is less formal than the traditional Prince Charlie or Argyle jackets. It features stag horn effect buttons, 3 button crail cuffs, pocket flaps, and epaulettes. We have packaged this stylish day wear jacket with our in-stock range of 8 yard kilts to create a stunning package at a great price. As with all of our packages we are able to alter different elements to create the perfect package for you.

This Package includes:

-Victorian wing collar shirt
-Ruche tie
-Kilt socks - cream or black
-Sock flashes
-Belt and belt buckle
-Imitation sgian dubh
-Kilt pin
-Ghillie brogues.


The 8 yard poly viscose kilt that comes with this package is available in the following tartans:

  • Royal Stewart
  • Black Stewart
  • Black Watch
  • Heritage of Scotland
  • Hamilton Grey
  • Scottish National
  • Heritage of Ireland
  • Freedom, Douglas
  • MacDonald
  • MacKenzie
  • Ramsay Blue
  • Gunn Modern

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The package is suitable for formal events like weddings, proms, ceilidhs, Burns night, formal dinners as well as any other formal dress occasion or event. The Prince Charlie is the traditional full dress formal outfit, a classic addition to any wardrobe and gives you many more options than hiring an outfit each time. Once you have this outfit, all you need for a different look or less formal event, is just a simple change the shirt or jacket and you'll have a completely different outfit.

Designed to make you look great for the best possible price, our in-stock Prince Charlie kilt outfit gives you everything you'll need for a full dress kilt outfit; from a full 8 yard kilt to leather ghillie brogues.

Our In-stock Prince Charlie Kilt Outfit includes the following items:

* Men's Black Dress Prince Charlie Jacket and 3 button waistcoat
* Men's 8 Yard Poly Viscose Kilt
* Full Dress Calfskin Sporran, White
* Leather Sporran Chain
* Men's Kilt Hose Socks
* Ghillie Brogue Kilt Shoes with leather uppers
* Men's Kilt Flashes in matching colour or tartan
* Claymore kilt pin
* Imitation Sgian Dubh

Additional options also include:

* Men's black bow tie
* Men's wing collar shirt
* Leather kilt belt
* Men's kilt buckle

This package features all of the formal accessories you would expect with a Prince Charlie outfit and comes with one of our 8 yard casual kilts, available in over a dozen tartans. It comes with everything you would need for a complete package that's ideal for all formal occasions and is long lasting.

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Our in-stock Argyle jacket kilt outfit has been created to give you an extremely flexible kilt outfit that is perfect for day and evening events and has a little more relaxed style than the Charlie jacket kilt outfit. This outfit features all the traditional accessories that you would expect from sporran to kilt pin and comes with one of our 8 yard casual kilts, available in over a dozen tartans. Why not buy a ghillie shirt from our casual ghillie shirts range as well and you instantly have two complete outfits for both casual and formal events.

Our In-stock Argyll Outfit includes the following items:

  •  Men's Black Argyll Jacket
  •  Men's 8 Yard Polyviscose Kilt 
  •  Full Dress Calfskin Sporran, White
  •  Leather Sporran Chain
  •  Men's Kilt Hose Socks
  •  Ghillie Brogue Kilt Shoes with leather uppers 
  •  Men's Kilt Flashes in matching colour or tartan
  •  Claymore kilt pin 
  •  Imitation Sgian Dubh

The package is suitable for formal events like weddings, proms and formal dinners as well as any other occasion. As you would expect this package is extremely flexible and there are a lot of options to consider. If you require a tartan outside the options in this package we can factor this into the price of your package.

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One of our most popular online packages due to it’s cheap price and high quality. Why not buy a pair of genuine ghillie brogues from our comprehensive range to complete the package. This kilt package is designed for anyone looking for a high quality budget kilt outfit for any occasion. This outfit consists of a Brand New Heavy Weight 16oz poly-viscose material. Kilt features two leather straps, allowing some adjustment in the waist size. Kilt material length is 8 yards. 

* Men's 8 Yard Polyviscose Kilt (Tartan shown is Freedom) 
* Leather Day Sporran 
* Leather Sporran Chain 
* Men's Ghillie Shirt 
* Men's Kilt Hose Socks 
* Steel Belt Buckle 
* Men's Leather Belt 
* Chrome or Antique Basic Kilt Pin 

The outfit is complete with genuine leather sporran with chain belt strap. The sporran features three traditional tassels and snap fastener to close it, the sporran chain belt is a chain with a leather belt & buckle which keeps the sporran on. Also included is a two inch wide real leather kilt belt with a belt buckle, and a traditional style Ghillie shirt. Also included are a heavy weight pair of wool kilt hose and a basic kilt pin. This cheap kilt outfit comes in a limited selection of tartans, all of which we keep in stock, so if you need a kilt package in a hurry, we can ship this to you quickly.