Kilt Outfit Walkthrough - Part 5


Kilt belts and buckles are unlike the usual kilt belts and buckles you would buy for trousers as they are usually thicker and longer as they sit on the body at a higher place on the body. Also , unlike a standard belt, the kilt belt is used for purely aesthetic purposes and does not hold the kilt as there are buckles on the side of the kilts which can be used to adjust the fit of the kilt so it holds itself up.


There are two different styles of kilt belt which are mostly similar but the way the buckle is attached to the belt is different. Some use a usual belt system to hold the belt up and connect the buckle at the front of the belt, the other uses a velcro strip on the inside of the belt to adjust the length and attach the buckle. The belts come in many embossed patterns so you can add a unique twist to your belts such as thistles or celtic patterns wrapping around the belt. 

The buckles can be made with various designs such as thistles, celtic knots and even clan crests on them. These buckles are made from metal with a variety of finishes on them such as shiny chrome, antique which is generally a duller finish and some are smoked chrome which is a dark finish but still shining.

There are few additional accessories you can add to a kilt belt but you can add some things like sporran suspenders which are a unique way to attach a sporran and does not require the use of traditional sporran chain or strap. Some people choose to wear dirks on the kilt belt which is an old style dagger made with horn handles, these are not an essential part of a kilt outfit but some still choose to wear them, more traditionally these are favoured by pipers.

Take a look at some of the different styles of belt and buckle we offer below;

 Thistle Scalloped Shaped Belt Buckle - Antique FinishHighland Thistle Belt Buckle - Chrome/Antique FinishBlack Leather Embossed Celtic Thistle Belt