Kilt Belts and Buckles

Kilt Belts once had a very important use! The modern kilt however now fastens securely around the body with belts and buckles that are in place purely for decoration rather than function. The Kilt Belt is wider than the average belt with a total length usually at around 2.5 - 3 inches and it usually comes in black or brown leather however sometimes cheaper synthetic materials can also be used.

Before the 18th century invention of the tailored kilt some form of belt would have been needed to prevent the kilt from slipping as well as to provide a convenient location to hang a sword, dirk or pistol.

Black Leather Embossed Celtic Thistle Belt

Nowadays the kilt belt and buckle tend to be seen in more formal situations with a selection of accessories. For example, weddings where a Prince Charlie Jacket and waistcoat are worn together. Many traditionalists consider this as being wrong as the belt buckle is obscured by the low front waistcoat and the bulk from the belt can destroy the beautiful tailored lines of the waistcoat leading to a less flattering look.

Though some prefer to go for a belt and buckle over a sporran for the more informal look, however it all depends on personal preference. When it comes to belt buckles some go for a more ostentatious look whilst others prefer a subtle plain buckle with a small about of Celtic knots. Many also opt for their clan crest to be embellished on their buckle.

Lion Rampant Celtic Knot Belt Buckle - Chrome Finish

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