It’s Picnic Season!

It’s Picnic Season!

The sun is shining and people are flocking to the parks and beaches for a spot of Scottish sunbathing. Our wool tartan blankets are the perfect picnic companion, and we’re currently running a buy on get one half price sale. Here are our best selling picnic blankets.


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A traditional and well-respected tartan, the Lindsay design provides a distinguished style with deep reds and dark complimenting greens.

Our wool tartan rugs are the perfect example of classic Scottish décor, perfect for interior styling, travelling or picnicking.



This 100% wool traditional Scottish Scottish Heritage tartan rug, with fringed edges is very soft and warm. It can be snuggled under on cold nights, draped over you feet in front of the TV, used for picnics or as a travel rug and would also make a great housewarming gift. These popular blankets are cut to a smaller size, which makes them perfect for wrapping around your shoulders or, as the name suggests, over your knees.

Woven from wool, these blankets are durable and versatile. The smaller size also lends itself well to add a touch of rustic charm to cosier spaces.

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One of our most vibrant tartan designs, the Buchanan Antique is made up of fiery oranges, deep reds and blues.

This rug is made from 100% wool, meaning it presents a comfortingly soft and warm feel. Packaged and delivered from the centre of Edinburgh, this rug is an ideal gift for the admirer of Scottish heritage.

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 Designed with deep blues with beautiful white compliments, the Ramsay blue tartan blanket is a must-have for a beachside picnic.

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