Whether it’s a wedding, a first rugby match or a day out at the Highland games kilt outfits are loved by kids and look gorgeous. Some children’s items are sized by age for example a kilt for 2-3 year olds rather than in inches as adult sizes. As such if your child is tall of big for their age it’s worth asking the place you are buying from to actually measure the items so that you can get the best fit. When purchasing a child’s kilt you have three main choices. Buying a kilt in a standard tartan you can opt for a pre made or off the peg kilt which is also an economical option. For those extra special occasions such as wedding where you are looking for a specific tartan a made to measure tailored kilt can be made in any tartan as long as it is not a restricted tartan. A made to measure kilt also guarantees a superb fit as it is made to the exact measurements of your child. A further option is you buy a kilt is to have a few alterations made, if you ask around this can be relatively inexpensive. For example if you ask a tailor to hem the bottom of the kilt this can be let down as your child grows and provides extra years of use. This also works well if a child is inheriting a kilt from an older sibling. If your child has sensitive skin and finds wool itchy a kilt made from another fabric such as polyviscose is a great alternative to the traditional wool kilt. Polyviscoise is made from polyester and viscose and is softer than wool, but looks and feels very similar. Another advantage is that it is machine washable, invaluable for small children! Along the same lines when hiring a kilt or kilt outfit for your little one taking our insurance, usually around an extra five pounds covers you against accidental damage and provides piece of mind.


A Prince Charlie jacket is popular for formal events such as weddings and christenings. The jacket teamed with a wing collar shirt and bow tie looks very smart. For a more casual look a Ghillie shirt is a rugged option perfect for outdoor events, sporting occasions and hot climates. Wearing a kilt is a sign of belong to a clan or family, and is an important tradition to pass onto the youngest member of the family who will relish the chance to get dressed up for a special occasion.