All our Clan Crest pieces are approved by the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs. Our Clan Crest range includes badges, buckles, cufflinks, gift sets, kilt pins, lapel, pin badges, spoons and sporrans. clan crest badge See all Clan Crest items Made from Old fashioned Pewter available in over 125 Clans, and there are over 1,200 Scottish surnames related to Clans as Septs & Dependants (families that, are associated to a particular Clan). According to the Court of the Lord Lyon clan membership goes with the surname. Although, today many people who do not bear a clan surname do wear crest badges of their mother's clan, and anyone who offers their allegiance to a clan chief is a member of a clan (unless the chief decides to refuse that person's allegiance). In Scotland's turbulent past it was the custom for Clan Chiefs to give their followers a metal plate of their crest, to be worn as a badge of allegiance.