Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014
Wednesday 23rd July - Sunday 3rd August

This month shall see Scotland's largest city open its doors to a global audience of over one billion viewers as well be temporary home to thousands of the planets most able athletes.
For the third time in the competition's history Scotland shall play host to 11 days of games from diving, badminton, gymnastics and hockey to netball, weight lifting, table tennis and boxing.

70 nations shall be pitted against one another in a show of talent for a chance to stand tallest on the podium, holding in their grasp one of three medals.

In recognition of this legendary event, Scotland has created a commemorative tartan; fusing one of the countries greatest exports with modern values. Whilst Team Scotland shall wear an individual tartan as their own uniform; a striking combination of pink, orange and blue, The Games shall be boasting a universal tartan which can be worn through out the duration of the event by any and all nations in collective celebration of the sporting get-together.
First imagined and brought to life by Glasgow school boy Aamir Meymood, the special edition tartan combines greens, blues, reds and oranges to reflect the multicultural diversity of the community Aamir lives within, which in turns lends a hand to the multicultural occasion that is The Commonwealth Games. Aamir chose the reds, blues and whites included in the tartan to best represent Scotland as an individual and Britain as a whole, whilst using the greens to symbolise the multicultural background of his own community.
Together this tartan is sure to make an impact.

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