Sport brings people together, especially ages-old traditional sporting events like the Highland Games! The Games have been promoting camaraderie and friendships throughout Scotland for centuries and, along with traditional kilts, has become one of the defining elements of Scotland’s national identity.

The Highland Games: A Long And Proud History

Precursors to the Highland Games go back as far as the 11th century, when the then-King Malcolm III ordered a foot race to the summit of Craig Choinnich. The victor was to be his messenger as they had proven themselves to be the fastest in the land.   The modern incarnation of the games has its roots in Victorian times. There are a variety of games and contests in which people from all over the world compete. One of the most famous events is the Caber Toss. Consisting of a long pine pole held upright by the competitor, competitors must throw the pole so that it turns end-over-end. The winner is the person judged to have most closely judged their throw approximate to the ideal 12 o’clock toss on an imaginary clock.   The stone put closely resembles the shot put, with variables in the weight of the stone: between 16 and 26 lbs thrown for men and 8 and 18 lbs for women. Other events include the hammer throw, weight throw and the sheaf toss which showcase the competitive element of the Highland Games as a pure show of strength. Events are usually done wearing traditional kilts.   Away from the sporting events of the Games, there are a number of other attractions. One of these is known as the massing of the pipe bands. Up to 20 bands will play traditional music while wearing Scotland’s national dress: the traditional kilt! This is done at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games.   Just as the kilt is seen as a symbol of Scotland, so too is the music of the bagpipes! The pies, along with fiddles and harps, are played during festivities to help keep the games true to their ancestral roots.   Clan gatherings and the selling of various Scottish merchandise takes place as people from many areas of the world come to celebrate either their Scottish heritage, however distant it may be, or simply for the show, sounds and spectacle of the Games.   The Highland Games are not simply a Scottish affair. As far afield as New Zealand, Bermuda and Brazil have their own events and celebrations in their own countries!

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