We believe that you don’t need a special occasion to wear a well-made kilt. However, there are numerous events throughout the whole year where wearing a kilt is essential. So instead of hiring one, why not buy your own kilt package to wear anytime you want? There is Christmas to celebrate, then the Burn’s Supper in January, and the romantics will want to look smart on Valentine’s Day. Other important festivities such as christenings, parties, weddings, birthdays and many other occasions all require a well-made kilt outfit. Renting kilt packages for each and every festivity might cost you a lot more than investing in one that is yours to wear as and where you wish!

Hand-Stitched Kilt Packages For All Occasions

The kilt packages manufactured for The Scotland Kilt Company will last you a lifetime and will remain fashionable throughout the seasons. You can choose from a vast range of tartan, or have one woven exclusively for you. For instance, why not have a family tartan kilt woven for your wedding? A kilt can also be passed on from generation to generation. Hand-made from durable local woven tartans, the kilts and the jackets from the kilt packages are made to measure. What’s more, each kilt outfit contains everything to make your Highland Dress complete. Our range of outfits include: • Casual kilt outfits, • Prince Charlie jacket kilt outfits, • Argyle jacket kilt outfits, • Tweed jacket kilt outfits, • Children’s kilt outfits. Get your kilt package from The Scotland Kilt Company and enjoy wearing it to any occasion and event, whether it is formal or casual.

Get Your Kilt Outfit From The Scotland Kilt Company

Hiring a kilt outfit for each occasion can be expensive, so invest in a high quality kilt package that will last you through many years and will not go out of fashion. Choose from a variety of tartans available options that range from casual to dressier kilt outfits. If you are looking for a unique gift, a kilt outfit is the perfect idea. Ideal for all ages, these kilt packages come complete with all of the accessories you need – a shirt, kilt, hose, sgian dubh, belt and a sporran. At The Scotland Kilt Company you will also find a wide range of ladies clothing, children’s wear, clan and tartan items, and a selection of Scottish gifts. Get everything that you need for a kilt in one convenient online store! To make an order for your kilt package today or for more information please email sales@thescotlandkiltcompany.co.uk or call 0131 553 3472.