Burns Night Clothing and Apparel

What to wear for Burns Night depends very much on the type of event that you are going to attend.


For a formal event, the dress code is usually a Kilt and Prince Charlie jacket complete with all the usual accessories such as a Sgian Dhub, Sporran and Ghillie Brogues. The tartan of your kilt should represent the traditional pattern of your ancestor’s clan. If you're not of Scottish descent and want to wear a kilt, we recommend more universal tartans such as Black Watch or Royal Stewart. For those who don’t wish to wear a kilt, tartan trews are a suitable alternative. For the ladies, a full length Tartan Skirt can be worn with a matching tartan top or plain top. Another option could be a lovely evening dress with a Tartan Sash to give your outfit a Scottish touch.

A more informal Burns Supper will not require traditional highland wear, how you dress is entirely up to you. You can choose to wear something with a subtle touch of Scottish fashion by wearing a kilt, or some garments made of Harris Tweed, a tartan bow tie or some ribbon.

Have a look at the Burns Night Essentials page on our website to find everything you need for a fantastic Burns Night celebration!