The Kilt you wear is worn with pride and prestige to any occasion, be it casual or formal. At The Scotland Kilt Company, we do not believe in compromising on quality when it comes to your kilt packages ensuring our kilts are made with the finest tartans, tweeds and leathers that are hand stitched exclusively for you. Our kilt outfits start from 8 piece packages in our casual collection to Complete Prestige Tweed Argyle Jacket and Kilts meaning you are sure to find what you are looking for with us.

What Comes In A Kilt Package?

We can kit your kilt and jacket fully, offering you:

  • Sporrans – including leather, fur and horse hair designs, we also offer chain straps.
  • Sgian Dubh – including contemporary and traditional designs that are crafted beautifully but maintain safety.
  • Belts and buckles – our high quality buckles are made from a range of fine materials including steel and enamel.
  • Flashes – attention to detail is essential and our kilt flashes will complete the look of any outfit with subtle sophistication.
  • Kilt pins – We offer some beautifully designed pins, including our economy range and our unique alternative pins.

There are many more options with your kilt package so come see our website to see our full collection. We also cater children, our six piece outfit includes:

  • Excellent polyviscose kilts which have the same look and feel as wool.
  • Semi dress rabbit fur sporran.
  • Chain Belt Strap.
  • Leather Kilt belt.
  • Thistle buckle.
  • Heavyweight kilt hose socks.

Choosing a Kilt package from us is an affordable way for you to wear beautifully tailored kilts to your special occasion. Our Kilt outfits mean we do not skip on anything; your outfit will be fully made to your measurements and requirements. Choose from a selection of casual kilt outfits, argyle, tweed and Prince Charlie jacket kilt outfits and more, all woven with local highland fabrics made to last a lifetime and outlive fashion with bespoke timeless appeal.

Find Your Package With The Scotland Kilt Company:

Our packages will be an investment for you and we have many options to cater for any occasion. Whether you want to proudly wear your family tartan at a wedding or want to add some highland charm to a children’s birthday party, we can cater to your specifications tailoring the finest kilts, clothing and accessories all through our online store. Our pieces can be made for the whole family and can be past down for generations, we also offer a tartan finder service allowing you to find the perfect tartan for the occasion. Now is the perfect time to start planning your attire for your up and coming spring/ summer events and we are here to make finding your kilt package stress free leaving you more time to focus on looking forward to and enjoying your special events. Talk to the experts today: 0131 553 3472 or email: