5 Forests You Need to Visit in Scotland This Autumn

5 Forests You Need to Visit in Scotland This Autumn

September has rolled in and autumn is definitely in the air. As we say goodbye to summer, we can’t help but feel anticipation for the gorgeous season autumn brings to Scotland. Crunchy leaves, abundant wildlife and vibrant orange and red colours, nothing quite tops a Scottish forest in autumn.
Whether you’re looking for somewhere for holiday, visit for the weekend or even just a day trip, here are 5 forests you need to visit this autumn.


Located in Argyll & the Isles, Puck’s Glen is one of Scotland’s most scenic forests that springs to life in autumn. Known for its dark and atmospheric set-up, the thick and dense trees create a frosty and spooky atmosphere - perfectly complimented by the orange and red leaves in autumn.

An estate, filled with waterfalls, bridges, ruins and easily accessible walking paths, so there’s plenty to explore, surrounds this forest. If you’re looking for a holiday, there are plenty of cottages available to rent nearby in Dunoon. This forest is situated in an extremely rural area of Scotland, so we recommend if you do visit, to pack all the food, drink and essentials you’ll need as there’s little shopping nearby.


For those who love an adventure-packed day out, the forests by Glen Affric in Highlands are perfect for a crisp autumnal day. Famous for its explosion of colours in the autumn months, you can expect a massive display of wildlife due to the set up of the forest by the glistening loch. If you’re lucky, you can spot ospreys, otters, red deer and more. Wandering through the forest embodies why Scotland is so loved for its nature, with thick trees and untouched flourishing Botanics.
If you want to explore beyond the forest, there’s an array of activities to be enjoyed at the Glen itself. We’d recommend a kayak or paddle boarding session, to fully appreciate the views of the forest and wildlife from the water. Glen Affric is slightly more accessible to visit, with a car park and picnic tables easily accessible. The easiest way to get there is five miles west of Cannich on the Glen Affric road, off the A831.


This forest sits on the banks of Loch Dunmore, and literally looks like painted artwork depicting the perfect autumn set up, and is frequently photographed for it. The area of Scotland is fondly known as “Big Tree Country” due to its spectacular diverse range of gigantic trees. Many biologists and scholars visit this woodland area to research its diverse wildlife and tree species.

 Due to its amazing colours and vibrancy during autumn, Faskally Wood annually hosts the Enchanted Forest, a sound and light show attracting thousands of visitors per year.


Found in the famous Cairngorms National Park near Aviemore, this woodland comes alive during autumn. This is another amazing forest to visit if you’re looking for an activity-filled holiday or day out. These forests host lochs, water sports, horse riding, climbing and pigeon shooting.

If you’re looking for some wildlife spotting, this is one of the best to visit. This forest surrounds land that hosts Highland cows, ospreys, falcons and otters. If you want a higher chance of spotting them, there are wildlife spotting and photography classes available to book.


Known for red squirrels, Cardrona forest is a beautiful and easily accessible day out for those wanting some autumn scenery. Located in Peebles near the Scottish borders, this forest is believed to be over 2000 years old!