10 Essential items for Autumn!
2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for us all and certainly one we won't ever forget! As the year slowly begins to draw to a close, Autumn appears on the horizon once again. Suddenly wearing just a t-shirt with a kilt is not practical due to the colder temperatures and more frequent gusts of wind. So to keep you prepared for the sudden approach of the new season here is our list of the 10 essential items for this Autumn.

It goes without saying that Autumn can be a fairly cold season especially up here in Scotland! This Harris Tweed Valtos jacket fits the Autumn criteria perfectly by blending the perfect fusion of style, comfort and warmth!

You will struggle to find a more vibrant item on this list! The warmth of this coat is not only perfect for the coming colder months but also radiates a certain confidence and style that is perfect for the Autumn season!

Not a fan of wearing heavy/bulky coats but still want to keep warm? Our Oransay Harris Tweed jacket is perfect for you! The subtle red lining and woodland colours of this jacket make it a perfect match for Autumn as well as it's incredible style and class that will have you looking at your very best!

Although it is certainly not quite as cold as Winter, the later Autumn months are perfect for wearing a scarf to keep yourself cosy. This Glenmore 100% Cashmere Tartan Scarf contains 12 different tartans that should match with most Autumn outfits and is ideal for giving you a touch of warmth!


A more deluxe item for sure but there is a certain Autumn aura to this tartan that would be perfect for a more formal get-together. This tartan not only has incredible style but also has an interesting backstory as it is produced exclusively by one of the oldest and most respected mills in Scotland. 


7. Clan Tartan Scarf - Buchanan Autumn 

Another scarf that is simply all about colour! The red, orange and green colour tones of this scarf perfectly match the colours of fallen leaves that are so prevalent during Autumn. Not to mention that this scarf also has the word "Autumn" in it's title so you can't go wrong really.

Sometimes when you want to show your love for the Autumn Season a more subtle approach is required. This Wool Tartan Neck Tie is perfect for those who want to add a little bit of Autumn flair to their outfit without going overboard. For sheer accessibility this item is unmatched!

Not a fan of jeans or more formal trousers during the Autumn season? No problem! Our Royal Stewart Tartan Trews are bursting with colour and offer extreme comfort thanks to the polyviscose material and two button fastening. If you're going to look stylish this Autumn you may as well be comfortable at the same time! 


The perfect finishing touch for any outfit, this sash also doubles perfectly as a picnic blanket and it's more muted colours would certainly blend into the Autumn atmosphere easily. A must for anyone eager to explore the Autumn outdoors!