Kilts for Men

At the Scotland Kilt Company, we’re proud of our traditional and contemporary 5 and 8 yard men’s kilts. Here you will find traditional, handmade wool kilts for formal occasions such as weddings and other important events, as well as medium weight tartan and lightweight Polyviscose kilts for more casual wear. For the modern man, we also offer a fantastic range of contemporary styles such as the utility kilt, or a stunning leather kilt for the interesting and daring.

The History Of Men’s Kilts

The Scottish kilt is one of the most unmistakeable forms of national dress, not only in the British Isles but also around the world. It’s just one part of a traditional Scottish highland outfit, being complemented by many traditional accessories. The kilt itself has become one of the most beloved symbols of Scotland, as well as being a traditional garment often seen at formal events and casual occasions alike. The history of men’s kilts stretches back to the Highlanders of the 16th century, who wore mainly plain, practical colours with none of the tartans that are so iconic today. At turn of the 18th century, dying and weaving techniques improved and the intricate tartans that are now so famous, were incorporated into the design of kilts for men. Style continued to evolve down the decades, resulting in today’s array of men’s kilts that can be seen at formal gatherings, sporting events and casual occasions. Traditionally, men’s kilts are made from 8 yards of fabric, giving deep pleats and a good swing. Nowadays, however, there are a variety of kilts and styles available. In our kilt shop you can now also but 5 yard kilts, made from less fabric, a practical alternative in the warmer summer months.

Tartan In Men’s Kilts

 One of the most distinctive features of men’s kilts is tartan. Tartan is made unique by its sett, or the sequence and number of coloured threads which come together to produce its pattern. Kilts are pleated according to their sett, lining up the intricate designs to run seamlessly when laid flat. Military dress kilts are sometimes pleated according to stripe, displaying a single line of colour for each pleat. A good quality kilt can last a lifetime, seeing you through all sorts of events and occasions. When combining men’s kilts with accessories such as the sporran and different shirt and jacket combinations, the whole outfit is one that’s inseparable with the history of the Scottish isles.

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25 Products
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