Kilt Socks

Kilt hose are one of the many accessories needed to create the perfect kilt outfit. Though they might seem like a small detail, it’s essential to choose your kilt hose carefully in order to make sure you’re both comfortable and dressed according to the rich traditional behind the kilt outfit. Kilt hose were originally made from a strip of tartan fabric cut and sewn into the shape of a sock. By the eighteenth century it was possible to manufacture knitted tartan and this then became the norm for all kilt hose.

Today there are many colours available and it’s normal to wear both plain and patterned kilt hose; it’s down to your own personal preference and the occasion you’re attending. When choosing your kilt hose it’s important to find the right ones that work for your outfit.

Take into consideration the colour of your tartan to make sure you pick a colour that complements your kilt. Though white kilt hose are amongst the most commonly seen, it’s traditional to choose coloured, tartan or cream kilt hose that blend with the rest of your outfit. Kilt hose are generally thicker than normal socks so it’s also important to take this into consideration when buying your ghillie brogues or shoes.

Kilt hose should be worn with the turnover above the calf but with two to three finger widths gap between the top of the sock and the knee. Kilt flashes can also be worn and tucked into the turnover of the sock; these add an extra level of detail to your outfit. If you want to fully embrace the Scottish heritage of this traditional dress then it’s the details such as kilt hose which can make all the difference.

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