Kilt Buckles

Kilt belt buckles are one of the many finishing touches to add some extra Highland charm to your outfit. Whether you’re dressing for a formal or casual occasion you can be sure to find everything from simple, modern buckles right up to highly ornate and decorative ones. The flash of a stylish buckle can be the icing on any kilt outfit, complementing a formal outfit or adding some personality to a more casual one. 

A kilt outfit is naturally intricate with many small parts that make up the whole ensemble. A decorative belt buckle is one way to inject some extra flair into your outfit, especially if you opt for a delicately detailed buckle featuring Celtic designs. If you want to give your traditional outfit a modern twist, buckles featuring simple yet striking designs with saltires or thistles are less ornate but look equally stunning. 

There are a number of finishes to choose for your buckle. Antique finish buckles are matte and add a subtle bit of detailing to your belt, whereas polished, mirror finish buckles shine out and really draw the eye. There are also enamelled designs which add an extra level of detail, picking out the silver lines of the buckle design to make them stand out even more. 

Kilt belts are slightly wider than normal belts so you’ll need to invest in a kilt belt buckle designed to fit. Your buckle can be chosen to complement your belt; the leather itself can be plain or decorated so you can choose which buckle best suits yours. There are many elements to the traditional kilt outfit. It’s the little details, such as the belt buckle, that bring everything together for the perfect picture of Highland heritage. 

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