Kilt Belts

A kilt belt adds one of the many finishing touches to a traditional Highland outfit, helping you to create the overall picture of Celtic perfection. Not only will it contrast with the intricate tartan of the kilt, but belts themselves can be works of art.

Combining an ornate, embossed belt with a traditional, sculpted buckle will bring an extra flavour of Scotland to any kilt outfit. A kilt belt is slightly different to your normal trouser belt, being wider in measurement and worn around the stomach as opposed to the hips. As such, only special kilt belt buckles will fit the leather due to the greater width. The leather itself can be simple or decorative depending on both the occasion and your personal taste, though designs with embossed Celtic knots and thistles on the leather can add an air of bespoke detailing to any kilt outfit. Kilt belt buckles can also be ornate and traditional or more simple and modern.

Normally silver in colouring, belt buckles are embossed with anything from stags and lions to saltires and Celtic designs. Some are enamelled and others have a subtle antique finish, but all will complement a well crafted kilt belt giving your outfit extra authenticity. In centuries past, a belt was necessary to hold the kilt up as well as being a handy place to carry knives and even pistols. Nowadays, well tailored kilts will stay in place on their own and the belt is purely ceremonial, simply adding a bit more eye-catching detail to your traditional outfit.

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17 Products
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