Harris Tweed is amongst the most iconic fabrics from any region. Featuring rich colours inspired by the Scottish landscape, it reflects a depth of history while being comfortable, warm and timeless in style. It is a fabric deeply entwined with the history of the Outer Hebrides as well as the wider Scottish Isles. Today, as well as the traditional country wardrobe options, Harris Tweed can feature on everything from duffle coats to handbags and soft furnishings.

Harris Tweed is the only fabric produced solely in the Outer Hebrides. It is hand spun, hand woven and hand dyed by the island craftsmen and has been for hundreds of years. Every individual stage of the production process takes place on the islands, making this a truly unique cloth with great Scottish heritage. All wools used in the weaving are local, with all dyes coming from natural pigments for the subtle colour palette that reflects all the hues of country life in Scotland.

The delicate colours of Harris Tweed stem from its dying process. The cloth starts life as pure Scottish virgin wool which is dyed before weaving, allowing an infinite number of hues to be spun into a single strand. This improves the depth of colour and adds to the character of the cloth. Each finished piece of cloth is then stamped with the official Orb seal of approval by the Harris Tweed Authority to guarantee its authenticity.

Each piece of Harris Tweed can be traced back to the individual weaver and date of crafting so by investing in clothing or items featuring this iconic cloth, you really are getting your own little piece of Scottish history. Tweed has long been a staple of country life, with jackets and hats in a variety of styles and cuts, but now the timeless nature of the fabric has made it into a true wardrobe investment. From quirkier pieces such as handbags right through to traditional blazers, the authenticity and Scottish heritage of this cloth never fails to shine through.

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