If a friend or family member is passionate about Scotland, then give them a gift to remember. Scottish gifts include anything from the traditional right up to more modern pieces. Commemorate a birthday with a personalised tankard or hip flask, give something a bit different with a traditional ornamental sword or opt for a subtly Scottish piece of jewellery.

Scottish gifts are both memorable and original, not only giving joy on a special occasion but often becoming sentimental keepsakes treasured for years to come. Pewter gifts such as flasks, tankards and quaichs reflect the traditional spirit of the Scottish Isles while becoming special objects to be used on special occasions. Gift sets of kilt accessories are perfect for any passionate kilt wearer, or, for more sporting types, golf gifts featuring St Andrews and saltire crests can be a souvenir that will stay with them through the full eighteen holes.

For anyone interested in military history and memorabilia, ornamental weaponry including swords, maces and helmets can make unusual and striking gifts. These are a stunning addition to any collection, taking pride of place when on display. Each piece has a real history behind it, recreating the look and feel of traditional weaponry used throughout history.

Jewellery is a gift that shows thought and care, especially when beautiful pieces reflect the Scottish heritage of the wearer. For men, cufflinks are a subtle yet striking way to add some highland detailing to a formal outfit, whether for an evening occasion or even just at the office. These include clan crested and silk tartan cuff links, each of which can reflect the clan heritage of the wearer and make a lovely personalised gift. Brooches are another way to add detail to an outfit, again with a range of designs from the decorative, featuring gem stones, to the sleeker and more understated. Earrings can also be a lovely way for a lady to show off her love of the Scottish Isles and its distinctive Celtic designs.  

Scotland is about more than just kilts, and you can embrace this with imaginative gift options for anyone that’s passionate about all that Scottish heritage has to offer.

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