Ghillie Shirt

The Ghillie shirt is one of the traditional accompaniments to a casual kilt outfit. These are shirts with a long history, even predating the kilt itself. They’re a big part of traditional Scottish clothing, offering a comfortable and functional fit for dances and even some semi-formal occasions.

While the kilt might be the most recognisable Scottish garment, the Ghillie shirt is one of the foundations of any casual kilt outfit. Also known as the Jacobean shirt, these garments are loose fitting and were especially designed for those times where the more formal jackets would just be too restrictive.

Their loose fit makes them comfortable for dancing and ceilidhs, as well as being easy to wear for casual occasions. Ghillie shirts are historical garments with a long heritage but offer a more interesting cut than a collared shirt, making them an ideal alternative in a casual or semi-formal kilt outfit. The most eye catching feature of the Ghillie shirt is the leather lacing across the v-neck of the shirt, laced in a similar way to Ghillie brogues.

These laces should hang down the front of the shirt, but they can also be tied in a simple knot if you want to secure them. The Ghillie shirt adds a traditional and historical twist to a kilt outfit, complementing the intricate design of the tartan kilt with its simple colouring and distinctive fit. With the open neck and loose sleeves, it’s also a practical choice for more active or casual occasions, all while ensuring your kilt outfit looks wholly authentic.

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