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Kilt shirts will complement any traditional Highland outfit, whether you need to dress for the daytime or for a black tie occasion.

The combination of your kilt and jacket a crisp kilt shirt will create an outfit that will be a real picture of Celtic authenticity. For the most formal occasion, the Victorian wing collar shirt and bow tie can dress up your kilt to make an impeccably smart outfit. The wing tipped collar stands vertically with the front points turned down for the perfect accompaniment to a traditional bow tie. These shirts are usually worn with a Prince Charlie jacket, often seen at weddings and black tie events.

A standard collared shirt can look almost equally as formal, but can also be suited to daytime events and outdoor occasions, especially when paired with an Argyll formal jacket. Whether your jacket is tweed or dark hued, a tie will dress up your collared shirt, letting you match the colour of your tartan or contrast with the hue of your jacket. It’s not just a bow tie or standard tie which can dress up your formal shirt.

For some full dress formal occasions wearing a lace jabot and cuffs can give your Highland dress some romantic appeal with detailed lace and tumbling ruffles. A crisp and clean shirt sets the right foundations for any kilt outfit, making it one of the essentials for any occasion.

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9 Products
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