Fly Plaids

The fly plaid is one of the many traditional accompaniments to a formal kilt outfit. With origins that stretch back to the eighteenth century it adds yet another layer to the heritage surrounding the kilt and its place in Scottish history.

The fly plaid was first seen when shorter, more modern kilts became more fashionable than full length great kilts. The great kilt included a top half which could be used as a cloak or a hood and the fly plaid is a more modern incarnation of this garment, replacing the section which drapes over the shoulder. Today, fly plaids are normally worn for formal occasions and are fastened with an ornate brooch. Fly plaids create a traditional link with the past history of the kilt while being a decorative accessory that works for modern occasions.

Fly plaids are worn over the left shoulder and are traditionally worn with an epaulet jacket. However, they can also be worn with any type of Prince Charley or Argyll jacket for an extra dash of tartan in your formal outfit. Some fly plaids are sewn so that one corner is gathered prior to attaching the brooch for attractive pleats that mirror the kilt itself, however these can also be added by hand before fastening.

Of course, fly plaids are made from traditional tartan to match the sett and colour of your kilt. This makes sure your kilt outfit matches from top to bottom to create the perfect picture of traditional Scottish highland wear.

Like all accessories for traditional kilt outfits, the fly plaid has a rich history of its own and adds an even more formal and decorative edge to this distinctive national dress.

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